What I Realize as I’m Turning Thirty


Thirty is a pretty decent milestone to reach. It is very exciting, but can also be pretty scary at the same time. The pressures of growing up and becoming an adult are pressing ever closer, and you feel as if you have to leave your care-free days back there in your twenties. No longer will you be forgiven for making common mistakes as you find your way, and it is suggested that you should have done most of your learning by now. However on the other hand many state that life only gets better as you get older, and that entering your thirties is a great experience. So what better time to reflect back and look at what I’ve realised up to this point in my life.


Mental Health Is As Important As Physical Health


There is a lot of emphasis put on staying physically fit as we get older, and with good reason. It can have many health related benefits, and can help prevent problems later in life. However I’ve come to realise that mental health is also very important to maintain and exercise, and that both are reliant on one another. Meditating and yoga might not mean that you’ll never have another bad experience in life, but it can help bring a sense of inner calm and improve your mental clarity so that you are better equipped to dealing with these negative experiences, without suffering from excessive stress.


Forget What Others Think


When we were in high school, our daily lives were pretty much dictated by what others may think of us. Even in our twenties it can still be very embarrassing if you commit a faux pas in front of a crowd. However the older I get the more I begin to realise that chances are people only think of you fleetingly, if at all. If they think badly of you, or if you embarrass yourself, big deal. It will only have an effect on you if you let it have an effect on you. Everyone has problems and are too pre occupied to think about you all the time, don’t flatter yourself. Concentrate on the present, not the past.


Don’t Compare Yourself To Others


Even once we have passed the ‘self conscious years’ and care a lot less about what our peers think of us, it is still very difficult not to compare ourselves to others around us. It is so easy to be jealous of other people that we deem to have more than us, or that seem to be happier than us. But the bottom line is dwelling about it and envying them is just a waste of our time. What you are comparing yourself to is probably just an illusion of the other person’s actual self, and they too have their insecurities and problems. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses.


Success Is A Mindset


Finally, one of the most important things that I have come to understand is that success is essentially a mindset and outlook. If you have trained yourself to have a successful mindset, then you will be a success at whatever you choose to do. You need to be goal orientated, motivated, determined, and must be able to deal with failure effectively. Remember that success means different things to different people. So concentrate on what being successful means to you, how you will achieve that goal and accept that a setback is a setup for a comeback. This is one of the greatest lessons you could learn, and I hope it will serve me well for the next decade.


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