8 Tips For Becoming A More Confident Public Speaker

Some people who are born with having stage fright consider public speaking as worse than watching any horror movie. It is worse than having a nightmare, especially when they think that they are speaking in front of a million crowds. However, the noteworthy thought to remember is that the fear of public speaking is so deeply ingrained in the mind that even though it is tough to remove, there is always a great possibility that it can be removed.


Here are the top 8 tips I can think of in becoming more confident when speaking in public.


Practice Makes Perfect


No one can defeat a person who is prepared at every outcome and had practiced for a very long period. You need to practice, practice, and practice, your speech or what you are about to relay to the people when you are already on stage. Don’t be too confident because you know you are intelligent. A well-practiced and prepared person can defeat an intelligent person in just a split of second.


What Do I Really Fear? And Why?


A lot of people experience fear in public speaking primarily because of it. In order to control and remove it from your system, it is important that you are able to determine what it is. Whether you are afraid that people will throw tomatoes at you, afraid of being judged, or afraid of being laughed at, you still need to know what you really fear the most. Once you determine it, learn how to overcome and phase it out.


Try To Get Your Audience Laughing


Getting your audience to laugh will ease your fear because you know that you are doing well and that you and the audience have a connection. Strike a joke once in a while so as not to bore your audience. Lighten up the atmosphere and try to keep your act altogether.


Act Naturally


When you are practicing, you need to control your emotions and learn to act naturally. Acting naturally will lessen your fears and help you improve your speech. Imagine that you are just talking to a group of friends or your family. Just remember not to feel too much at home.


In public speaking, acting differently will only make things worse because once you are lost from your track; it will be hard for you to know what’s next.


Stress Material And Music


If you are a music person, you can listen to your favorite music before you go stage. By doing this, your mind will be relaxed and you can focus more on what you are about to say or do. However, if you are not fond of listening to music, you can always bring something that can relieve you from stress. It is either a stress ball or a person whom you feel comfortable with.




Never stray away from your thoughts or material. Once you have control over your fear, make sure that you won’t get lost in the middle of your speech. Focus on the things you need to speak next. Pay attention to yourself, as well as your audience.


Prepare. Prepare. Prepare


Nothing worse will happen if you prepare. There might be some glitches along the way, but you will still be able to control it because you already prepared for it. Determining the effects or consequences of the acts you are about to do will make you feel confident.


Dress For Success


Few people might know that dressing for the occasion can build up your confidence. Well, it is definitely true. Once you are dressed for the occasion, you will notice that your confidence will boost up. Also, it will remove the worry from your mind that people will judge you because of the dress you are wearing.












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