Creating a Better Web and Mobile Design Experience

You may realize that the level of internet browsing done via mobile phones has become increasingly high thanks to all the technological advancements and inventions which cause the internet to be accessible almost anywhere. Global mobile traffic makes up a total of more than fifteen percent of all Internet traffic all around the world. Browsing online via mobile phones has really complemented shopping processes since more than half of mobile shoppers actually still refer to their smartphones while making purchases in a physical store and another half also browse through the collections on their way to the store.

With that in mind, businesses need to really make use of a mobile website in order to increase their sales and reach out to the mobile customers. For that reason, here are some things that can be done in designing mobile websites for better user experience:


Keeping It Simple

The difference between designing a website for mobile viewing compared to designing a website for desktop websites lies in the heart of keeping everything simple but maintaining clarity in such a limited amount of space. Mobile websites should be presented in a more basic and bare bone manner with a simplified design compared to its desktop counterpart.

One way of keeping a mobile website simple would be to present its menu bar the right way. A menu bar is usually displayed at the very top of the page in a desktop website. However, this cannot be done in a mobile one due to space constraints. For that reason, one of the methods to keep a mobile web simple to ensure better user experiences would be to create a menu that is only represented by a small icon on the top right or left of the screen. Upon clicking the menu icon, visitors can only then access the complete menu in a drop-down style presentation which they can easily close whenever they want to focus on the page. Menus should also be really simple and accessible, and as a result, you should avoid creating a multi-level menu with sub-menus that will show upon clicking. Even though someone may not mind clicking three times in a desktop website to get the link to the pages they want to see, they will very likely quit at the very second they see a sub-menu system in a mobile website.

In addition to this, too many graphics and videos put into a mobile website will actually prevent it from loading at a reasonable time, and as a result, your visitors will be upset about the time it takes to access your website since it will be very slow. You should avoid incorporating images for achieving effects like creating gradients and shadows because you can do it with CSS designing instead of achieving those by using a lot of images. Putting too many graphics and videos can also cause confusion and loss of focus, so it will be much better to keep the mobile website simple and clean with fewer images and words. If possible, delete the words that take a lot of space and put them into representative symbols which can be tapped for further interactions. For example, instead of writing down the words “telephone number”, you can simply use the telephone symbol for your contact info.

Determining Content Focus

Most people who access a website through their mobile phone do not have that much spare time in their hands. Therefore, it is really important to determine the focus of your mobile website’s content and display it prominently so that visitors can easily find what they want to see in your site. There are several ways to highlight this focus. For example, you can set every page to only contain one central focus in the center of the page. If you provide access to other contents through extra gestures like a swipe or a vertical scroll, make sure that you let the visitors know by putting a small sign such as a small arrow to make it convenient for them to browse through the content in order to find what they need to find.

Grabbing people’s focus and attention also requires efficiency in summing up words. Bear in mind that your phone’s screen is significantly smaller than your desktop computer’s screen so reading a whole bunch of text may not be convenient for your site visitors. Mobile site visitors have the tendency to scroll really quickly so you need to present only the essential things to keep their attention.

Providing Easy-to-Access Contact

Providing easy to access contact info is especially important if your business requires people to come directly to your place. One of the most obvious reasons why people are checking up your mobile site would be that they want to do business with you. And for that reason, they may want to know where you can be found, including an access to your telephone number or contact person as well as office hours. If they can find this easily without having to rummage through the whole site, they will be pleased and chances are they will be more inclined to do business with you.

Another way to let people contact you more easily would be to put forms that they can fill with regards to their inquiries or concerns. However, you must make sure that the forms that you put in your mobile site are really designed for mobile usage. Mobile phones have tiny touch screen keyboards so they do not add up to a convenient typing experience. In other words, provide a brief and simple form in your mobile site and skip all the unnecessary details such as a ZIP code or a full address especially when you can obtain those at a later time. Since the primary method of interaction in a mobile phone would be through touching, it is important to make a form that is large enough and easily selectable. One way to determine this would be to take into account the size of a thumb, because at the end of the day, accessing a mobile site will primarily be a thumb’s business. The average width of an adult’s thumb is around 2.5 centimeters, and it translates to 72 pixels. As a result, it is important to create tap elements or buttons that are at least 70 pixels big to allow easy clicking and preventing accidental overlapped taps which will worsen the visitor’s experience.

In addition, you can also opt for a visual calendar rather than requiring your visitors to type in the date. Use auto-fill for fields that are commonly used, and ensure that the labels are clear and unmistakable so that your visitors will not have a hard time figuring out how to fill in your forms.

Enabling Mobile-Specific Features

One of the mobile phone capabilities that does not exist in a desktop computer would be geo-location. By being aware of this fact, you can always integrate the geo-location feature of a mobile phone to enhance your site’s experience to be better. You can always use geo-location to give directions to your business place with the help of Google Maps or Waze, or you can always give rewards for visitors who update their status by tagging your place in their image. In addition, if you have expanded your business internationally, you can always use the geo-location feature to match the visitors with their own local currency or to point them to the nearest stores located in their city.

Furthermore, you should also enable the social media sharing feature which works really well in a mobile phone rather than in a desktop computer. In a mobile phone, you will have simultaneous access to various social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Path and Facebook amongst others and by providing a sharing button in your mobile web pages, visitors will be able to share the content easily without having to copy paste it before sending it to other people.


Trying It Out!

Last but not least, it is really important to try out your mobile sites using different types of gadgets with different platforms and operating systems. This usability test is very vital to improve user’s overall mobile site experience because you will actually witness how the content will be displayed in different settings. Different mobile devices have different dimensions, so it is important that you created a layout that is fluid that will work well for every pixel width. Moreover, resolutions and aspect rations in each and every one of mobile devices can be very different. Thus, ensuring that your layout is fluid would be important to confirm that your mobile site does not look weird in certain gadgets or platforms.

You can also make use of the emerging mobile testing tools which include UXRecorder and Solidifyapp amongst others. Also take into account your target market’s internet speed when designing your mobile site because loading a site using a 3G network will be much slower compared to loading it in a 4G network.


5 Reasons Women Might Retire With More Wealth


Higher Education


In today’s generation, there are a lot of women who handily defeat a huge population of men. Whether it is during your high school, college, or post-grad years, discrimination between men and women is no longer a huge issue. Women are more likely to attain their degree or graduate from college compared to men; women enter the labor force in better shape. Most of the population of women is more likely to start at lower-paid areas of the health sectors and education. Women also create a mark when it comes to STEM programs and other businesses at an increasing rate. To all women, the trick here is that you invest as soon as possible during the expandable income; 30 is the ideal age.


Living And Working


According to researches, the gender to most likely live longer is that of the women. The healthier, strong, and conscious they are towards living their lives, the longer they can work and strive. It only means continuing to work during the late years like more returns and higher earnings. It can also mean that retirement is postponed and women are given the opportunity to grow investments.


Better Savers


Most women are better savers. Whether what level women are in, they are still better saver compared to men. The road has a lot of unexpected events to save, and emergencies which can be costly are sometimes inevitable. The good news here is that most female employees is that men and women are so much compatible with each other because the other balances another. If this fact is not enough, most researches show that females are so much better in the field of management, especially when it comes to numerous accounts. Although saving a lot of cash may take discipline, in order to make this psychology work to your advantage, it is best that you create specific goals and give yourself the assurance that you will push through with that goal.


Foregoing Children = More Savings


Are you excited in starting your own family? Consider saving first before actually having one in order to provide a better life for your child. According to the census conducted on the year 2014, about 34% of the women’s population (ages ranging from 18 and 44) do not actually have or has not yet planned to have children. It is now clear that women nowadays are increasingly waiting and assuring themselves that by the time they have kids, they are able to sustain and support the child, especially when it comes to finances. This notion should be considered by women who are really not having the time of their life but are mostly on the down line. Deferring or waiting to give birth only means that you will have more time to stabilize and solidify your earnings and careers, reduce debts, and amass savings before all the financial pressures comes rushing in. If you are still in your 20’s or 30’s and still considering your options, the fact of staying away from the fate of sandwich generation can be a very good factor in deciding on whether or not you want to postpone or foregoing giving birth a child.


Lesser Risky Trading


The title of being risk traders absolutely belongs to men and not to women. Tons of women prefer to be safe rather than investing all they have got to risk it in a trade. Since most of them are more educated, they tend to have a thorough observation and research before involving themselves in a risky trade. Women are less likely to be seen in casinos. They are really more risk averse compared to men. With that being said, there is no other reason not to deprive you from learning to choose an assuring investment and take a little bit of risk once in a while. You can try listening to several and trusted money podcasts in order to apprise yourself with the updates in the market.



5 Amazing Honeymoons That Only Seem Expensive


Asia. Europe. Remote and virgin islands. These are just some of the words or phrases when heard and said, the first thing that would pop out of someone’s mind is $$$. However, this should really not be the case. There are several ways to look for honeymoon spots without spending much. Here are just some of the suggestions.




This is one of the most common and popular places that couples want to go to for their honeymoon. Its peaceful and relaxing view can calm the mind and free every person from whatever he or she has encountered throughout the years. A lot of offers are made available for several months. January up to the late February, late April, mid-August, early June, and first half of March are just some of the months that can give an affordable offer.


You can follow any updates regarding Hawaii for an up-to-date Hawaii deals. Just make sure to rent a car so that you won’t be caught up paying the Taxi.




Yes! You read it right. Most people think that going to Italy would cost them their entire life’s savings. Only few knew that there are affordable rates during November. However, there are fewer attractions by that month and the weather is a bit harsh and rainy. April is also a good month to go to Italy because schools are still ongoing. When staying at Italy, it is also good that you get an Airbnb rental for your honeymoon so that you will have a more appropriate and beautiful stay rather than staying in a 2-star hotel. You can also visit chic studio in Milan and the famous canal view apartment because these places normally offer a luxury which is on a budget.


The Caribbean


You will really think that I’m crazy, but there are really several ways you can spend your honeymoon here without spending your entire savings on it. There are offers, especially for young people that can really fit your budget. The place has cruise lines such as the Royal Caribbean or you can visit and try out the all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean such as Sandals. Just a tip, do not overthink the itinerary given to you when you purchase some of the reasonable add-on packages coming from different competitive rates.


You can also visit Puerto Rico. Just before it gets busy on December, the flight will only cost you around $300/ person. You can also try traveling on September until November because lower rates are usually offered since there is lesser crowds.


Mountain Ski Resort


If you are the kind of couple who are adventurous enough and would most likely to spend your honeymoon with some adventure, mountain ski resort is the best place for you. Ski resorts like Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico, Red Lodge Mountain found in Montana, and Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort in Oregon are just some of the affordable places you can go to. You can either go to these ski resorts in the late October or from March to April.


Hong Kong


If you have always wanted to see that dazzling city scape, enjoy shopping experiences, and taste that savory Chinese cuisine, Hong Kong should be on your list. Make sure that when you go there, the changing rates are good and would work to your advantage. Just consult the new tourism website to guide you through your travel. The cheapest tines to buy your tickets for your honeymoon are in the months of October, November, and December. You can fly to Hong Kong for as low as $600/ person.


You can also use Airbnb to help you. There are even suites or apartments that would cost you only $200/ night.



Boost Your Customer Retention Rates With Loyalty Marketing

All businesses are striving to lure more and more customers, and it is completely understandable as the customers are the lifeline of any business. Once a business wins any customer, the next important step is how to retain him or her. The purpose of any business isn’t just to get customers, but to retain them. They want their existing customers to buy the same brand products from them over and over again. As important as it is to understand which customers have the potential to be loyal, you also have to be able to recognize those customers who are unlikely to buy again so that you can reduce your marketing spend for this particular segment. It is more profitable for your business to lose non-spending customers than to gain new ones. Customers who only buy your discounted lines and never anything else cost your business more money.


With loyalty marketing, a business takes enticing marketing steps such as credit card incentive programmes and frequent hotel guest prorammes to thank customers for their loyal and ongoing support of their products and services. It’s important for them to do this because it costs a business far more to get new customer than what it takes to sell to existing customers. Existing customers spend more than new customers who are uncertain about products they are unfamiliar with.

Sales Revenue Increases

Loyalty programs have changed the way consumers interact with ‘their’ companies. It has also changed the way consumers spend, encouraging them to part with more money. Customers are so used to the rewards and incentives they get simply by being a ‘card’ member of a certain hotel group or airline, that they remain constantly loyal to these companies because they get much more.

Another type of loyalty marketing is a points-based rewards program, and the more you spend, the more points you glean. Certainly the purpose of customer loyalty programmes is to increase sales revenues for the company, and by building a strong bond between the brand and current customers it is hoped to retain the current customer base.

By offering discounts, promotions and loyalty programs that spur the consumer to take action is what loyalty marketing is about. Offering exciting incentives like hotel stay-overs, restaurant dinners and other generous prizes, an environment is created where customers see the business as something more than just a provider of services and products. Customers who are ‘cared for’ are far more likely to stay with a company that looks out for them.

There’s No Reason to Look Elsewhere

Simply put, customers want to feel valued, and offering them incentives for using your products and services will simply increase customer satisfaction. Once you have analysed your customer base, you can design an incentive programme that the particular targeted customers will appreciate. By compensating shoppers who are loyal to you, you simply stimulate satisfaction, and everyone knows that when you’re satisfied with something, you’re not interested in looking anywhere else.

Start the Sales Year Off Right: How to Reach Your Sales Goals

Whether your last year was awesome – or maybe you are just glad that the year had ended, you still need to start the year with new and different strategies that will increase the possibility of boosting your company’s income.


What Not To Do


In starting a year, you can either think of someone else who can inspire you or you can just think of Albert Einstein for a change. What is notable when it comes to Albert Einstein is that he is a man with great understanding of what it really takes to garner or make things better despite of all those hindrances. As what the famous scientist said, “Doing the same things over again and expecting different results is insanity.” Thus, in order to get a better result despite all the problems popping out, you need to put a stop on the things that do not normally work for you.

In order to make a stop on doing something that can be detrimental to your sales, you need to list down the things that are not working for your company or business.


An example would be, if you have certain product that is not usually being bought by your customers, it is better to review its ratings and decide carefully if you need to scrape it out of your product list or not. Another example would be, if your employee is always running late, you should better give him a talk and a warning, if he still doesn’t comply, remove him from the job.


Think Out Of The Box


Aside from thinking big, you should never forget to think outside of the box. Any entrepreneur knows that he will not sell anything or the business will not prosper if he will just be thinking small. What you should do is to seek strategy advice from people you know who handles their business well or from individuals who are already successful. You can also hire a good mentor in order to teach you everything you need when it comes to your business. If you are short on budget, you can just hire a good manager and he will just do the rest.


You should also start identifying your prospects or target clients. After that, figure out your goal and provide a link to connect your business’ goals to the wants of your clients. Also, if you don’t have any to do, you can ask your sales manager to accompany you on some of the sales calls so as to have some debriefing on your work.


Bear in mind that every year offers every individual a fresh start. Just start a clean slate and make sure to stick to your goals. Never forget that you are in control and that you are taking the top when it comes to your sales. Appreciate your employees and give them the importance they want, they are there to support you not the other way around. It is your job to make things easy and overcome all those hindrances. Never give in to the obstacles.





How a Better Content Delivery Network Can Boost Your SEO


Among the most important aspect in assuring that your business website is seen by a lot of potential viewers or customers is by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Putting efforts in updating the content found on your website is one of the ways where you can effectively boost your website’s SEO. But, it does not always maintain your content without the presence of causing any downfall from your website. Remember that using dynamic content will only slow down the loading time of your page which will absolutely create an impact on user experience.


Lower Search Rankings Due To Slow Website Loading


In the past years of my writing career online, many things have changed because of improvements and innovations. In the old years, the use of keywords can give an effective way in order to boost the placement of your business in the search engine results. Nowadays, the situation is now different. The constant improvement of the algorithm of Google and other different or hundreds of factors which are used to record your search engine rankings have become the new in.


Page load speed is one of the factors which are considered to boost your SEO. In 2010, Google was able to begin in incorporating the website speed into the rankings and until now, it has still played an important aspect in the SEO world. It is not just the ranking; it is also about the kind of quality of the entire user experience. Whenever the website loads slowly, the risk of alienating your customers or visitors is pretty much strong. Visitors want to look at a website where the information they want to gather can be viewed quickly since they don’t want to waste time waiting for the website to load. The longer the visitors wait for the page to load, the more likely they would have the urge to click away.


This is why a better content delivery network will give your website the ability to speed up the loading times, thus, improving the website’s SEO.


Better Content Delivery


The content delivery system of your website is a system which is being used in order to move the content in front of the viewer’s eyes. What are needed to be delivered are the homepage, blog posts, and other pages. But, in most cases, the content is normally regenerated every time the user would come and visit. This process slows down the loading speed.


In order to help speed the loading of your pages, caching will be of good use. With this, a version of your page is being saved for purposes of easy recall instead of regenerating it. You can check out Incapsula’s content delivery network because it makes it a strong goal that the cache will uncacheable. W3 Total Cache is also one of the caching tools you can use to speed up your loading process. It can provide you several ways in making your content load faster than the usual.


Although caching is of great help, you still need to be cautious because most caching tools are using old versions of your information, thus, making your content outdated.

Your Personal Brand Is the Most Important Part of Social Media

Social media is becoming more and more valuable in the world of business, as is working on your personal brand. While the importance of a solid social media marketing plan is becoming more apparent, there is still not enough emphasis placed on personal branding and how it links to your social media. Although personality didn’t necessarily have a place in business a few decades ago, in today’s online age it is increasingly important and therefore you should realise this and work on it.


What Is A Personal Brand?


You might not think you have a personal brand, but the truth is everyone does. Even if you have never acknowledged it. Even regular workers in a large business still have their own brand that fits into the company. Personal branding can cover many different elements, including how you present yourself to others, both online and offline. How you interact with customers, fellow staff members, superiors, how you deal with certain tasks and emergencies. You are constantly working on your personal brand. Social media is a great chance to express yourself, and by extension also your business.


Advantages Of A Strong Personal Brand


There are many advantages of having a strong personal brand. You will be easier to find online, and as a result you will also be easily and widely recognised. Anyone who researches you will see your brand. You will also be viewed as an expert in your field if your personal brand is strong enough, and if you regularly share your thoughts and opinions on social media. Another advantage is that there will be more opportunities for leadership positions, since company leaders these days garner more attention to their businesses. If you have a strong personal brand online and through social media, this will be a great advantage. There will also be an increased chance of partnership. Anyone can be found on the internet these days, and so the chance to meet and build potential partnerships are on the rise. This is why it is pivotal to convey your best online and to have a strong, identifiable personal brand.


How To Use Social Media


The first step you should do before anything else is to create new social media profiles that are separate from your company’s official brand. These are used for branding your company and interacting with customers, but you want your own personal accounts. In your personal profile make sure you reference your business and describe your role. This will raise awareness of both you and your business. Next decide what area of expertise you want to focus on. Think about what you want people to see when they search for your name, and link it back to your business. Describe what makes you unique from your rivals, and remember to think about potential keywords to include. Be yourself, to an extent. Although you should let your personality shine through in your posts, don’t be too careless with your posts. Think twice before posting anything controversial or some could view as offensive or slanderous. Also although you should interact and respond to all that seek you, take your time before posting. Think about how you want to respond and the best way to do it. Finally, consistency is also incredibly important. Try and post regularly on all your social media accounts, otherwise people may be inclined to forget about you. In a similar manner, don’t bombard people with multiple posts an hour either. At the end of the day, authenticity is the key.