10 Personal Qualities You Can Learn From Tina Fey

Tina Fey may have a certain reputation for being slightly bossy and overbearing, but she can certainly teach us a thing or two about being ambitious, successful and an overall better person. What follows are 10 impressive personal qualities Tina Fey has shown us over the years that you should try and emulate in your life.


Great Communication


You should always make sure that you present great communication, not only through speech but also through body language and your behaviour. Always stay true to your words, keep your promises, and try to set a good example for all. Good communication means you will be better understood, and people will respect you for it.


Self Confidence


We all struggle with feeling a little low once in a while, and we all have our traits and features that we dislike about ourselves. However as Tina Fey explains, sometimes even pretending that you are uber confident can actually help improve your self esteem and confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself, or at least appear to believe in yourself, who else will?




In life communicating with others in any context is extremely important. How we communicate and treat our fellow men and women can be a great reflection of who we are as a person. Try to help out friends, family, co-workers and even strangers as often as possible. Chances are that somewhere down the line they’ll return the favour when you are in need. However, you shouldn’t do good only for the hope of getting something in return.




Tina Fey is a proud feminist, and regularly promotes the fight for legal and social equality for women as she has done for years. She also comments on the oppression women enforce on each other and other females, and explains how everyone must work together to end it. Be proud of who you are and don’t be afraid to fight for what you believe.




Tina Fey knows all too well that although some of us may not like it, appearances are important. How we appear and portray ourselves to others can have either a positive or negative effect on all kinds of situations. Strike a great balance between looking great and feeling great as Tina Fey does.




Passion is an important trait to possess. Tina Fey is renowned for constantly re-writing the scripts for “30 Rock” to try and get them as appealing as possible while they were fighting cancellation. If you have big dreams and big passions, make sure you fight for them and never give up even if it seems things are against you.




If there is one thing that we have control over, it’s what we say and do, despite how it may feel sometimes. We are ultimately responsible for our own actions, so don’t let others dictate what you say and do and be assertive with your own decisions.




Perceptiveness is an incredibly useful social skill, and you should always try to gather how certain people expect to be spoken to or treated. You can then change your behaviour, while still staying true to yourself, in order to get ahead not only in your personal life but also in business. Tina Fey for one is a great judge of character and uses her comedy as a tool to gauge others.


Modelling Behaviour


If there is someone that is doing exactly what you wish to be doing, or if you admire someone and wish you could be more like them, then watch them and model their behaviour. You shouldn’t try and become them, always be yourself, but you could adapt certain traits they utilise. Tina Fey for example is a great admirer of Oprah, and she tries to follow in her footsteps.




Tina Fey does work hard, as should you, but although you should always strive to move forward in life and business you should also know when it is time to relax and take the edge off. Sometimes all any of us want and truly need is to just lay in bed watching a TV boxset marathon, even Tina Fey.

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