10 Lessons To Learn From Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is often considered to be the greatest basketball player of all time. Not only is it his sport ability and skill that is admired, but also his ambition and character are incredibly inspirational. What follows are ten valuable lessons that we should all learn from the legend that is Michael Jordan.


Accept Failure


Successful people including Michael know that failing is merely another step on the way to success. We can’t let failure get to us, in fact we should use failure to drive us even more and to learn valuable lessons while moving forward. It is better to fail than to have never tried.


Always Try Again


Never let failing the first time around stop you from trying again a second time. Michael Jordan knows all too well how sometimes it will take many attempts to finally reach your goals, but by giving up when we meet failure, we will never truly achieve success.


Practice Daily


If you have a skill or craft that you are great at or that you do to a professional level, then you should practice daily so as to constantly up your game and keep yourself one step ahead of the competitors. Daily commitment is much more important in the long game than talent and hard work.


Take Action


It is so easy to fall into the trap of waiting for the perfect time, or the perfect opportunity to arise. The truth is that more than likely no such situation will ever present itself, and so we have to push ourselves to take action and to get the ball rolling. Action breeds action, and what you’re doing is what you’ll become.


Enjoy Life


Although it is important to work hard and push yourself daily as Jordan does, also keep in mind at the end of the day we only have one life, so try to enjoy every minute of it. If you enjoy what you do everyday for a living, then even better.


Ignore Others


Often we hear Michael Jordan expressing that expectations often get in the way of our goals and dreams in life and can stop us from moving forward. Don’t listen to the expectations and hopes of others for you, since they’ll prevent you from moving forward and in the end will leave you with nothing. Stay focused on your goals.




In order to achieve success, you are going to have to sacrifice something in return. Dedication is key, as is realising that you are going to need to give up your time, energy and luxuries. Michael Jackson played through pain, hurt and even illnesses.




Humble yourself. You may be absolutely amazing at what you do, you may even currently be viewed as the best in the world, there will always be someone else to come and fill your shoes. Humility is a trait we should all possess, and so be humble and try to eradicate any arrogance.


Stay Focused


Life is full of surprises, some joyful and others not so much. What’s important is to not let any outside influence or events distract you from your core goals. It is you and you alone who knows what you truly want at the end of the day, and you should focus every day on making these dreams a reality.


Be Fearless


Michael Jordan understands that fear is merely an illusion, and that the fear of failure and the opinion of others will only hinder you in the long run and stop you from achieving true success. Don’t be afraid when pursuing what you truly want, and embrace the failures along the way. There is nothing to fear.

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