Kung Fu Fighting! 30 Motivational Quotes from Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee, a Hong Kong American action movie actor and martial arts teacher. At the same time, he was a filmmaker, philosopher as well as the founding father of Jeet Kune Do. Born in the year of 1940 in San Fransisco, Lee has done a major part in changing the way Asian people were involved in American films. Unbeknownst to a lot of people, Bruce Lee was not pure of Chinese descent, but he actually carried German blood since his grandfather from his mother’s side was half German. His father was also an actor. His family never called him by the name “Bruce”, and instead “Bruce” was actually a name given by a nurse at the Jackson Street Hospital where he was born. The name was given because the nurse simply thought that giving the baby an English name would prevent any confusion in making the birth certificate.


Lee was raised in Kowloon, Hong Kong until his late teenage years where he moved back to the United States to study Philosophy in the University of Washington, Seattle. After spending some time studying in the university and actually focusing the philosophical principles into his martial art techniques, Bruce started to teach martial arts and later on, he dropped out of college to open his own martial arts school.


As one of the people who was widely considered to be the most influential martial artists of the 20th century, Bruce Lee often inspired lots of people all over the world with his words and actions. It is widely known that he has lost a fight only once in his life, which was when he was thirteen years old and this loss was actually the trigger for Bruce to learn martial arts. Consequent to his fame, a lot of people had the courage to challenge Bruce Lee because they thought they could win. When these people wanted to do so, they would tap their foot on the ground prior to attacking him (probably just like what they had seen in one of Lee’s movie).


Aside from being a Kung Fu and martial arts master, Bruce Lee actually was passionate about dancing just like he was passionate about martial arts. When he was eighteen years old, he won the 1958 Hong Kong Cha Cha Championship. It was not only Chinese martial arts that got him interested. Being an avid and excellent boxer, he was the winner in a Boxing Championship in the same year, 1958.


Bruce Lee’s philosophy about life, struggles, mistakes, goal and success continues to live long after his death. Until now, he is still considered as a legend especially within the older generations who serve as living witnesses of his glorious days. The list of his famous philosophy and quotes goes on and on, so when you feel that you are in dire need of motivation but you have no idea on where to start, maybe you can browse through Bruce Lee’s famous quotes and start applying his principles to your life.



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