Your Personal Brand Is the Most Important Part of Social Media

Social media is becoming more and more valuable in the world of business, as is working on your personal brand. While the importance of a solid social media marketing plan is becoming more apparent, there is still not enough emphasis placed on personal branding and how it links to your social media. Although personality didn’t necessarily have a place in business a few decades ago, in today’s online age it is increasingly important and therefore you should realise this and work on it.


What Is A Personal Brand?


You might not think you have a personal brand, but the truth is everyone does. Even if you have never acknowledged it. Even regular workers in a large business still have their own brand that fits into the company. Personal branding can cover many different elements, including how you present yourself to others, both online and offline. How you interact with customers, fellow staff members, superiors, how you deal with certain tasks and emergencies. You are constantly working on your personal brand. Social media is a great chance to express yourself, and by extension also your business.


Advantages Of A Strong Personal Brand


There are many advantages of having a strong personal brand. You will be easier to find online, and as a result you will also be easily and widely recognised. Anyone who researches you will see your brand. You will also be viewed as an expert in your field if your personal brand is strong enough, and if you regularly share your thoughts and opinions on social media. Another advantage is that there will be more opportunities for leadership positions, since company leaders these days garner more attention to their businesses. If you have a strong personal brand online and through social media, this will be a great advantage. There will also be an increased chance of partnership. Anyone can be found on the internet these days, and so the chance to meet and build potential partnerships are on the rise. This is why it is pivotal to convey your best online and to have a strong, identifiable personal brand.


How To Use Social Media


The first step you should do before anything else is to create new social media profiles that are separate from your company’s official brand. These are used for branding your company and interacting with customers, but you want your own personal accounts. In your personal profile make sure you reference your business and describe your role. This will raise awareness of both you and your business. Next decide what area of expertise you want to focus on. Think about what you want people to see when they search for your name, and link it back to your business. Describe what makes you unique from your rivals, and remember to think about potential keywords to include. Be yourself, to an extent. Although you should let your personality shine through in your posts, don’t be too careless with your posts. Think twice before posting anything controversial or some could view as offensive or slanderous. Also although you should interact and respond to all that seek you, take your time before posting. Think about how you want to respond and the best way to do it. Finally, consistency is also incredibly important. Try and post regularly on all your social media accounts, otherwise people may be inclined to forget about you. In a similar manner, don’t bombard people with multiple posts an hour either. At the end of the day, authenticity is the key.

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