How a Better Content Delivery Network Can Boost Your SEO


Among the most important aspect in assuring that your business website is seen by a lot of potential viewers or customers is by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Putting efforts in updating the content found on your website is one of the ways where you can effectively boost your website’s SEO. But, it does not always maintain your content without the presence of causing any downfall from your website. Remember that using dynamic content will only slow down the loading time of your page which will absolutely create an impact on user experience.


Lower Search Rankings Due To Slow Website Loading


In the past years of my writing career online, many things have changed because of improvements and innovations. In the old years, the use of keywords can give an effective way in order to boost the placement of your business in the search engine results. Nowadays, the situation is now different. The constant improvement of the algorithm of Google and other different or hundreds of factors which are used to record your search engine rankings have become the new in.


Page load speed is one of the factors which are considered to boost your SEO. In 2010, Google was able to begin in incorporating the website speed into the rankings and until now, it has still played an important aspect in the SEO world. It is not just the ranking; it is also about the kind of quality of the entire user experience. Whenever the website loads slowly, the risk of alienating your customers or visitors is pretty much strong. Visitors want to look at a website where the information they want to gather can be viewed quickly since they don’t want to waste time waiting for the website to load. The longer the visitors wait for the page to load, the more likely they would have the urge to click away.


This is why a better content delivery network will give your website the ability to speed up the loading times, thus, improving the website’s SEO.


Better Content Delivery


The content delivery system of your website is a system which is being used in order to move the content in front of the viewer’s eyes. What are needed to be delivered are the homepage, blog posts, and other pages. But, in most cases, the content is normally regenerated every time the user would come and visit. This process slows down the loading speed.


In order to help speed the loading of your pages, caching will be of good use. With this, a version of your page is being saved for purposes of easy recall instead of regenerating it. You can check out Incapsula’s content delivery network because it makes it a strong goal that the cache will uncacheable. W3 Total Cache is also one of the caching tools you can use to speed up your loading process. It can provide you several ways in making your content load faster than the usual.


Although caching is of great help, you still need to be cautious because most caching tools are using old versions of your information, thus, making your content outdated.


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