5 Amazing Honeymoons That Only Seem Expensive


Asia. Europe. Remote and virgin islands. These are just some of the words or phrases when heard and said, the first thing that would pop out of someone’s mind is $$$. However, this should really not be the case. There are several ways to look for honeymoon spots without spending much. Here are just some of the suggestions.




This is one of the most common and popular places that couples want to go to for their honeymoon. Its peaceful and relaxing view can calm the mind and free every person from whatever he or she has encountered throughout the years. A lot of offers are made available for several months. January up to the late February, late April, mid-August, early June, and first half of March are just some of the months that can give an affordable offer.


You can follow any updates regarding Hawaii for an up-to-date Hawaii deals. Just make sure to rent a car so that you won’t be caught up paying the Taxi.




Yes! You read it right. Most people think that going to Italy would cost them their entire life’s savings. Only few knew that there are affordable rates during November. However, there are fewer attractions by that month and the weather is a bit harsh and rainy. April is also a good month to go to Italy because schools are still ongoing. When staying at Italy, it is also good that you get an Airbnb rental for your honeymoon so that you will have a more appropriate and beautiful stay rather than staying in a 2-star hotel. You can also visit chic studio in Milan and the famous canal view apartment because these places normally offer a luxury which is on a budget.


The Caribbean


You will really think that I’m crazy, but there are really several ways you can spend your honeymoon here without spending your entire savings on it. There are offers, especially for young people that can really fit your budget. The place has cruise lines such as the Royal Caribbean or you can visit and try out the all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean such as Sandals. Just a tip, do not overthink the itinerary given to you when you purchase some of the reasonable add-on packages coming from different competitive rates.


You can also visit Puerto Rico. Just before it gets busy on December, the flight will only cost you around $300/ person. You can also try traveling on September until November because lower rates are usually offered since there is lesser crowds.


Mountain Ski Resort


If you are the kind of couple who are adventurous enough and would most likely to spend your honeymoon with some adventure, mountain ski resort is the best place for you. Ski resorts like Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico, Red Lodge Mountain found in Montana, and Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort in Oregon are just some of the affordable places you can go to. You can either go to these ski resorts in the late October or from March to April.


Hong Kong


If you have always wanted to see that dazzling city scape, enjoy shopping experiences, and taste that savory Chinese cuisine, Hong Kong should be on your list. Make sure that when you go there, the changing rates are good and would work to your advantage. Just consult the new tourism website to guide you through your travel. The cheapest tines to buy your tickets for your honeymoon are in the months of October, November, and December. You can fly to Hong Kong for as low as $600/ person.


You can also use Airbnb to help you. There are even suites or apartments that would cost you only $200/ night.




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