How Transparency has Dramatically Changed the Rules of Branding

All will unanimously agree that if there has been a true revolution in the last few decades, it has been none other than the Internet. The Internet has united the world in a sense and made it far smaller, and of course has made the customers far more smarter with them getting more educated on the products they want. Consumers have massive choices and they demand quality at low prices. They are demanding, impatient, critical and easily dissatisfied with products and services. These days, more than ever, a business has to stand out in the crowd if it wants to enjoy sales. Honesty is more important than ever and transparency is about not hiding any information from customers that may help them determine whether or not they want to do business with you.

Social Media Used to Criticize Faults

If a business doesn’t conduct business in an upfront manner, powerful social media sites are where customers vent their feelings about fake products and services. An important part of branding is that a company needs to build strong relationships with customers to build up their trust and ultimately their loyalty and to prevent them from passing negative comments.

Customers want to See Prices Listed and Honest Reviews

Customers want to feel as though they belong to a family – a brand that they can trust. They want these brands to be open about their successes and to reveal their financial numbers in terms of whether they’ve had a good year or not. Customers are highly irritated when there isn’t transparency around pricing. If an online company advertises products, they want to see the pricing so that they can decide on whether to proceed with the purchasing process or not.
Companies who are ashamed and embarrassed about their high prices, don’t mention the prices. They are afraid to include their high prices because they know customers won’t be interested in calling them.

Corporate brands are valuable assets for a business, but knowledgeable customers spurn those cheap stunts some sales people use to sell a product. They know that sales talk all too well where you are asked to buy a product quickly at a discount price because the offer is expiring in the next few days. Consumers also want to hear honest reviews from real customers too. Now customers have come to realize that even customer views have a question mark over them. Customers know too well that there are even some SEO firms who offer fake review writing as part of their services.

Businesses can’t be Deviating from the Truth

Producing a good product takes plenty of planning and adherence to standards. Customers are sick of sales talk devoid of integrity. Customers are wiser than ever before, and they know when a business only has a genuine interest in the money they can make. Transparency has changed the rules of branding, and businesses cannot deviate from the truth if they want to win over those much needed but elusive customers.


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