8 Money Moves to Make When You Find Out You’re Pregnant

When we find out that we are expecting a child, it is extremely exciting news. It can be a little scary and overbearing to begin with, but these feelings quickly disappear once the bundle of joy has been delivered. However, there are plenty of things that you could do while waiting for your child to enter the world, besides choosing a name. These will not only make the whole process a little easier, but will also be more financially beneficial for yourself, your child, and your family.


Parental Leave


Maternity leave is an important discussion you need to have at work with your superiors as soon as you discover you’re pregnant. Guys, paternity leave is also becoming a lot more open and beneficial so make sure you have this conversation with your boss as well. How much you are entitled to is determined largely by where you live. The United States for example is the only country that isn’t required by law to provide paid leave, so make sure you know your options and how much you are entitled to.


Flexible Working


You also should discuss with your employers how flexible will they be once the baby has arrived. These days companies tend to be much more willing to allow employers to be flexible once they have had a child. Apart from paid leave, you could perhaps ask for less hours once you return, or to only work 4 days a week to try and save money on child care. If you don’t ask, you don’t know.


Health Insurance


If in a relationship, you should both ask your HR department the options of adding your child to your health insurance plan. Then you should compare and discuss both options on the table and decide on the one that will be best for the whole family.


Breast Pump


Health insurance plans generally have to provide breastfeeding advice, support and equipment for new mothers. You should make an attempt to acquire or rent a breast pump in your plan, depending on the plan in question you could even get a top of the range model.




Whenever you are blessed with a newborn, the gifts will flock in and most will consist of articles of clothing. You’ll probably never be able to use some more than once or twice due to how fast they grow. Take advantage of this and ask parents you know who have recently had a baby. They may have a few clothes and even items to offer you.


Amazon Family


Amazon Family is a variation of Amazon Prime, but which focuses on parents and caregivers. This includes great discounts on diapers and similar items, and great delivery offers. If you’re not sure if you want to pay for a year of subscription, simply use the free trial to pay what you need and save some cash and then cancel before the free month is over.


Child Care


Child care once the parents have returned back to work is becoming an increasingly stressful factor for new moms and dads. If you can’t afford for one of you to stay at home, then you need to look at preschool and child minding options. Some waiting lists can take years, so think now. To save money, perhaps grandma can take them for a day or two?


Custodial Investment Account


A Custodial Investment Account for your child is when you are allowed to make a financial gift to a minor, with the hope of teaching them about investing. These usually have a decent interest rate, have no maintenance fees and also all earnings are tax free up to a certain amount. The account is then turned over to the minor once they become of age.


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