8 Crazy Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

In such a slow economy like this, people are working whatever jobs they can find in order to keep the stove cooking. A lot of people are doing freelancing jobs online, and others are doing part time work in major retail stores or restaurant chains. However, aside from the very common and predictable jobs that you have already known and probably are familiar with, there are different jobs that are so insane you may never thought about their existence before. As a conclusion, you may want to keep your current job regardless of its imperfections. But, if you feel like you are quirky or adventurous enough, you may want to try these eight insane jobs to add some extras to your pay check.


Cleaning Crime Scenes

With a salary range of twenty five to sixty eight thousand dollars per year, you may opt to quit your job and choose to work as a professional crime scene cleaner. It may be terrifying and gruesome for most people, but if you are keen on watching horror or crime movies where bits of this and that are splattered everywhere, there is a high possibility that you will do just fine in cleaning those pieces off a carpet in real life.

Collecting Vomit

You may raise your brows upon reading this, but collecting vomit is an actual job because there are actually a lot of people spewing out their insides after one too many roller coaster rides in amusement parks. Although the job of cleaning vomits may be incorporated as a job description of other professions such as a cleaning service, but Thorpe Park in England actually devoted their resources to hire an official vomit collector, which devotes his/her time to make the mess disappear when passengers lose their halfway-digested meals.

Fortune Cookie Wordsmith

If you always believe that you have got a writer persona inside you, but you never have the time to finish one complete piece of story or blog post, you may want to rethink your choice of career. Not completely straying far from what you believe, you can still be a writer of one or two short and wise sentence in a fortune cookie. This works especially well if people often seek for your advice whenever they are in trouble, or if you are secretly psychic inside.

Helping Animals To Procreate

If you really think about the world’s really high and constant demand of dairy and poultry products, you will realize that it will be impossible for farms to fulfill such request if they just sit around and let things process naturally. For that reason, one of the jobs that is so insane that you may have never thought about it would be as an animal semen collector. With a salary range of seventeen to fifty four thousand dollars, you will need to use your hand and walk out with the sperm of various animals which will be used for artificial insemination later on.

Professionally Sleeping

Everyone likes to sleep and to be paid for sleeping sounds like the greatest idea of all time. Professional sleeper is a real thing, where they are hired to test out sleeping facilities in hotel chains, laboratories and even in NASA. It can be as simple as testing out how the new mattresses affect your sleeping quality, but it is un-debatable that getting paid for staying asleep in your comfort clothes is definitely a great offer.

Sorting Diapers

One of the means taken to support environmentally friendly purposes, there are people who are hired to sort through dirty little cloth diapers before they are washed and bleached for reuse. Noble work if you insist, but with only an average of three thousand dollars a year, this job will be wonderful to increase your bottom line but definitely not for long term purposes.

Tasting Pet Foods

If you have been great in those childhood challenges where your cousins or siblings forced you to eat dog biscuits, you may want to consider a career as a professional pet food tester. However, do not think about it as an easy job. Pet food testers spend most of their time to control the quality of pet foods, ensuring that each and every batches of food will meet the brand’s qualification. It may sound boring, monotonous and unappealing, but for starters you can get up to thirty thousand dollars a year where if you are already an experienced professional taster you may rack up to seventy five thousand dollars annually.

Trying Out Crazy Stunts

Basically bringing Fear Factor to real life, crazy stunt tester performs the craziest types of stunts to make sure that it is safe regardless of how gross or yucky it will be. Helping television shows to avoid possible lawsuits and liabilities coming from injured participants, crazy stunt testers are paid up to eight hundred dollars a day.








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