Season and toast the Rice before Boiling for Unbelievable Flavor

One grain which can be called the most popular after wheat is none other than rice. Rice is one of the most common foods we prepare in our homes. On its own, the flavor might seam mild, but a small addition to your cooking process might change this mild taste in an enormous and unbelievable manner. Toasting and flavoring before boiling is the main trick to a better pot of rice.


The toasting process is quite simple and does not consume much of your time. While the water boils, this is the perfect time to toast your rice. Though in toasting, you have the freedom of using any cooking oil, don’t just use any but go for sesame oil, coconut oil, olive oil or butter to bring out the best taste. Grapeseed or canola can be used for other purposes but not for toasting. Once your grains are coated and start to toast, you will smell a deep nutty aroma. Toast for a few minutes until the rice smell fragrant and is slightly toasted on the tips.

You can increase the taste, by taking your toasting rice a step further. Toss in some aromatic spices including, ginger, shallots or garlic into the pan. Only a small amount is enough to bring out a light aroma of the rice. Toast your rice for just a few minutes, and then you can continue with your normal way of cooking.

In most cases, it is not always easy to make perfectly consistent rice on the stove. The rice comes out burnt, mushy or even crunchy. This baffles many since they follow the recipe to the letter yet the rice is never consistent. The trick here is to try Alton Brown’s pour-over method. It is simple and will bring out the extra taste in your rice.

Toast your rice in a skillet till slightly brown and separately boil water in a kettle. Instead of adding rice to the pot of boiling water, add the boiled water to the pan, stir and let it simmer on low heat for 20 minutes. After 5 minutes of resting, you should have perfectly cooked rice.

Toasting your rice before boiling and using the Brown’s pout-over method are simple tricks but enhance the flavor to a whole new level. Toasting rice will be guarantee you an enhanced flavor just like in the case when we toast nuts or spices. It also improves the finished texture of your rice. Using Brown’s pour over method, eliminates guesswork on how long you should boil the rice and under which temperatures.

In most rice cooking experience, there is usually an annoying layer of rice stuck at the bottom of the pot. It often feels like a waste and at times, makes cleaning quite difficult. What you can do is when the cooking time is up, remove the pot from the source of heat and let it sit covered for 10 minutes. After this time is up, the bottom layer of the grain will loosen allowing you to scoop them easily with a spoon or even a sponge.







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