How Much Flavor You Get from Ginger Depends on How You Cut It

A lot of people know that adding ginger to their dishes can give a strong kick when it comes to the aroma and spicy flavor of the dish. However, only few people know that a single ginger’s flavor may differ depending on how you cut it – whether you dice it, grate it or matchstick-chop it. By learning how to cut ginger carefully, you will soon realize that the level of potency that it offers can be controlled. As you go through this article, you will know what I mean. For example, if you cut a piece of ginger into larger portions, it will give your whole dish lesser flavor. If you want your dish to have a peppery and spicy impact on your dish that will create a bigger and overall impact to it, you can grate or mince your ginger.


If you are fond of making ginger tea at home, you can have this satisfying drink by just slicing a hint of ginger so as not to overwhelm your tea. In making a dressing or sauce, you can grate the ginger in order to give presence to your sauce and it might as well balance the strong flavors in your dressing such as soy sauce. There are a lot of varieties of ingredients which can be found in your kitchen. It is just a matter of time, creativity, and talent to fully make use of it. Those ingredients that find its way to every meal you have are normally left to the cobwebs in the back of your fridge or at the corner of your cabinets. On the part of ginger, this is not the case since it is being used to almost all dishes you prepare at home. Thus, it is important to know whether or not a simply cut can give too much or too less of a flavor to your dish.


Having a fresh ginger at home is not really a standardized ingredient. It may be juicy and mild, and pungently spicy on the other hand. It can sometimes be as fiery as you least expect it to be since gingers are sometimes used to replace chili in some of the famous recipes. You should take into consideration that the older the ginger is, the spicier it gets. However, when you go to the market you will normally find mature gingers rather than old ones. According to an author of Roots (a James Beard Award Winning cookbook), Diane Morgan, she notes that any ginger which is normally left to cure in the ground for about 7 to 10 months are considered to be mature gingers. You can identify these mature gingers because it is normally larger than the rest. However, you would want to find other kind of gingers when it passes this point because it already grew woody and fibrous.


This kind of ginger, the mature ginger, must be treated in a manner like it is being prepared just like the other kinds. You have to cut it small if you want more flavor to your dish or you can cut larger slices if you only want a mild taste.




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