The Differences Among Girl Scout Cookies Based on Where You Live


Those delicious, Girl Scout cookies that you enjoy every year won’t necessarily taste the same if you plan on moving in the near future. Not many people are aware, but the company do in fact use two different bakeries to distribute their cookies, so your Thin Mints might taste different depending on where you are living.




The two bakers that the Girl Scouts use are called ‘ABC Cookies’ in Virginia and ‘Kellogg’s Little Brownie Bakers’ from Kentucky. Now to begin with, where you happen to live will affect what kind of cookies will be available to you. You might have Tagalongs in place of Peanut Butter Patties, or Samoas in place of Caramel deLites. Although these cookies are essentially the same, they vary both in name and also sometimes in shape and flavor. The cookies are similar in all but name, but as you’d expect from two different companies, there will be some slight differences. Little Brownie Bakers supply most of the United States with these satisfying treats, but larger cities such as Boston, Philadelphia, Houston and Orlando are getting their cookies from ABC Cookies. Interestingly Thin Mints are named Thin Mints by both companies and so will be known as such wherever you are in the country, however there are still some subtle differences. ABC’s Thin Mints will be crunchier, and have a much more minty taste. On the other hand Little Brownie Bakers Thin Mints will have a much more distinctive peppermint taste.


Why Two Companies?


So why are there two completely different yet similar companies producing Girl Scout cookies for the same country? The short answer is because the annual cookie operation is huge. Roughly, Girl Scouts will sell 200 million boxes of cookies a year, which is equal to $800 million worth. Thin Mints are the most popular cookie of them all, and take up a whopping 25% of the entire sales, which is $200 million give or take. With this much volume in demand, in thousands of locations all over the country, having more than one distributor allows them to have greater production capacity, thus allowing more support and revenue for the Girl Scout Program. During their busiest period, the bakers can make as many as 9 million Thin Mints daily. This would be an impossible task with just the one bakery.


It is a little known fact, and can be very confusing if you move from one zip code to another and suddenly notice that your Girl Scout cookies have a different name yet a similar look and taste. But if you are in despair due to losing your beloved Tagalongs, don’t fret. You’ll still be able to find them, or at least a fairly accurate clone. They’ll only be known as Peanut Butter Patties from now on.

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