Why You Should Never Ask If You Got the Job Right After an Interview

Job interviews can be exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. You won’t to give a good impression of yourself and make sure to answer all the questions they ask. It can be a panel or a one-on-one, but they will always be putting you in the spotlight. There are some right and wrong ways to behave when you go to a job interview. You should always dress appropriately, shake hands, address people as sir and madam and be honest. The one thing you shouldn’t do when you’re in an interview is ask if you got the job when it’s over.


Don’t Ask if you Got the Job

The interviewer is more than likely going to ask you at the end if you have any questions. While you really want to know and you really want to ask, don’t ask them if you got the job. They don’t know yet; you don’t know how many other applicants they have to see before they can make a decision. Not to mention they have to check your references if they have decided you’re right for the job. You may think it shows enthusiasm for the job and it does, but not in a good way. It makes it look like you’re not as intelligent as you are. It puts them in an uncomfortable place, because how they have to answer differs. They aren’t going to come out and say anything until they’ve gone through the proper interviewing and preparing to hire procedures.

You also want to kind of seem unattainable. If you’re too eager for the job they may think, well we can sit on this because they already showed us they wanted the job and we don’t have to rush. If you aren’t doing that kind of responding immediately then they might think, we should scoop her up before someone else does and hurry the process along. When it comes to some places like state jobs the human resources department might be slow or the whole process might take a long time. Follow up with a thank you card almost immediately after your interview. You can check back after a few weeks, but don’t bombard the company with emails and phone calls checking to see if a decision has been made yet. You will know soon enough if you did or did not get the job.

Nail the Interview, Get the Job

It’s a good rule of thumb to avoid that question, or anything that might sound like that question. Also don’t ask them leading questions like how they think the interview went with you or what they did or didn’t like about the interview. This just puts them in an uncomfortable spot and makes it difficult for you to win them over for the job. So remember, be professional and avoid asking this question so you’ll do fantastic on your next job interview and hopefully score the job of your dreams.

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