Manually Add RSS Feeds to Apple News

With Apple News you’ve got a digital magazine full of up-to-the-minute news and stories from around the world. Apple also claims that with this system, you will no longer need to move from app to app to stay informed because it’s all here with the Apple News app. Some of the ways RSS feeds are used to supplement content are news- and sport sites importing feeds to display current conditions and the latest sports news.


If you’re not in the United States and you haven’t updated to iOS 9.1, you can upgrade to the latest version of Apple’s iPhone operating system. You do this by going to Settings – General – Software Update. News app is included on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in iOS 9 as well as later releases. There are some users who will remember that iOS Safari has a Shared Links features which is also able to subscribe to RSS through Twitter accounts. For Mac users, there isn’t a dedicated built-in News app, but users can add and subscribe to RSS feeds directly into Safari within OS X.

RSS gives You Everything

Apple News serves you news from specific sites that it thinks will interest you. With RSS however, following a feed means you get everything, no matter what. RSS is the pipeline for everything put out by a given feed.


You also need to know how to add RSS, short for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary to Apples News . The reason for this is that have RSS means you don’t need to keep checking back to a site to see if it’s been updated. Subscribe to RSS feeds rather and read the updates from the site, delivered via RSS feeds. RSS feeds are just text files and once they have been submitted to feed directories, they will allow subscribers to see content quickly after its been updated.

If you want to know how to manually ass RSS feeds to Apple News, here is how you can:

Open Safari on iOS and visit the website you want to add a subscription to for Apple News. Take note that you may need to navigate to the RSS feed of the website in question. Tap on the Sharing icon in Safari while the RSS feed or webpage is open. Scroll over in the options screen and choose ‘Add to News’. You will then be able to launch News app and below the ‘Favorites’ section will be the RSS feeds and websites you added. You’ll be able to add whatever websites and feeds you want.

Some people think that Apple News greatest asset is that it is a filter, while others believe this is its greatest drawback. What happens if you miss interesting stuff because News didn’t think you’d e interested? With RSS, you get everything, with the filtering being done by yourself.




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