Quickly Clean Snow Off Your Car By Putting a Tarp Down Before the Storm


Nobody wants to dig out their car after a long storm. Thus, if you are the kind of person whose house is located in an area which normally experiences snow storm, what you need to do in order to avoid all those digging is to start putting a car cover or tarpaulin over your car before the snow storm begins. When the storm stops, you can just easily pull the tarp or car cover off your car and have a ride snow-free and clean. You should also need to remember to place a waterproof tarp or car cover so that the snow will not enter or pass through the tarp. If your tarpaulin or car cover is wide enough that it reaches the ground, you can weigh it down by using or placing some rocks or you can just tie it. It is also important that you can have access on the anchors you have made after the snow storm. Things will even be harder if you don’t have any idea where you have anchored your tarp or car cover.


Once the snow storm is over and you are planning to use your car, you just have to pull the tarp or car cover slowly so that you will not create a mess or scatter all those snow around your place. Bear in mind to remove or shake the tarp or car cover in places where it will not block the drive way or any area of your neighbor. Aside from placing tarpaulins or car covers, here are some of the ways which you can use to quickly clean the snow off your car.


Clear The Driveway


If you discover that the snow is deep enough after the snow storm, it is possible that your car will be stuck where it was before the storm began. You can just shovel a path for your car leading to the road for easy access. You have to remember that you should clean your driveway before you are going to move your car. Once you have driven your car on the snow, the normal tendency is that it will pack the snow down wherein it will even be harder for you to shovel it out of your driveway. Also, you need to clear away all those snow which creates a deep drift around your tires.


Clean The Snow Off


Brush every snow that is found on your car after you have removed the tarp or car cover. You don’t want anything blocking your vision when you are already on the go. You should know by now that once your car is carrying wet snow, your car will probably use extra snow because it gives more weight to your car.


Snow Brush


You should buy and use a good quality snow brush, especially when you are in a place which always experiences snow storm. A snow brush with good quality will clean off the snow from your car without damaging your car’s paint. In using a snow brush, you should start at the top of your car by brushing it off of your car’s roof, then proceed to the windows until you fully cleaned the front and rear lights of your car.


Defoggers And Defrosters


Aside from those mentioned above, turning or making use of your defoggers and defrosters will ease the removal of snow from your car. It will even clear the window fog of your car. Although defoggers and defrosters are not intended to melt the ice or snow off your car, there is nothing wrong in using it just to help you in removing that stubborn snow.


Spray It Away


There will be a time when you will forget to place a tarp or car cover or you forgot to secure and anchor it around your car. Once you experience this mishap, you can make use of De-icer windshield sprays.




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