What Actually Happens When You Sign Up for One of Those “Work from Home” Scams

Who doesn’t want to be making money while lounging around in front of the TV? Possibly everyone will be enthused by the sole possibility that they can make some money while staying in their pajamas. However, just like everything that seems to be too good to be true, a lot of very delicious sounding “work from home” scheme which promises thousands and thousands of dollars of income may very well be a scam.


How do these pretentious scam happen is further categorized to different types of scams, which include:

Data Entry

Regardless of the fact that there are a lot of data entry job offers that are legitimate, there are also people who pretend to be employers which offer data entry jobs which at the end of the day they will leech on their “employees” for thousands of dollars. The first thing that a data entry scammer does would be posting a job opportunity offer for work-from-home data processors. They will then arrange an interview and then proceed to formalize the job offer.

The fraud does not come until later, where the “employees” are told to pay for a specific software to work on their system. They cannot find it anywhere else because the company is the one who produce it, and as a result they will have no other options than buying it. Since the “employees” are still on cloud nine due to their very recent employed status, they will buy the software almost immediately. Once the payment has been completed, they will found out that there is no data entry job from the first place and this is only a fraud.

Forwarding Services

A lot of scam job offers include forwarding various things to the scammer, which amongst other things include money, packages and emails. In money forwarding scam such as the famous Nigerian 419 scam, a message will arrive in your e-mail or perhaps mailbox letting you know that some very rich foreigner is looking for someone to deposit millions of their wealth for safe-keeping while they are dealing with various conditions in their home country.

This may sound harmless especially when someone is sending you a lot of money for you to keep, but there is a catch to this. You will be required to pay for a certain deposit in order to be able to “release” it or to “have a stake” in it, and even worse your billionaire foreign friend will ask you to transfer additional funds to help them get out from whatever situation they are claiming to be in.

Setting Up A Business

Another type of working from home scam includes a “help” for starting your own business. You are promised to be able to get a lot of money by selling things on the Internet without having to take a shower or do your hair. Once you respond to it there’s going to be regular formalities which you will need to do, such as giving them your name and contact number. Once you give it to them, there is someone from the “company” who is going to ask you relevant questions such as how much time that you are going to invest into the business or what assets that you have right now which you will need to protect, and afterwards slew in a forceful tone saying that you need to let them know about your credit card number and its expiration date as well as the CVV number or else you will be in a huge trouble.

The “company” may also offer to give you assistance with all the things that you may need. Whether it is a website, the basic knowledge on running a business, all the legal paperwork as well as accounting, they can do it for you for a “small” sum of money. It is also possible that they will brainwash you into thinking that you will not survive with all these things that are required for your business, and you will need it right here right now immediately. Nevertheless, once you pay they will deliver nothing that has been promised, and even worse they can even extract your credit card number.




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