2016 Predictions: Insights From Small Business Experts

“The future is sure enough a dark and scary place”, while this notion is true for some business entrepreneurs because none of us actually knows what the future holds and what lies ahead this 2016. But of course we all hope we did. Gaining some insight into what lies ahead would be a big help for us to plan, manage and strategize with additional confidence without heed for what’s to come.


Well that’s not to speak; we don’t need to start 2016 sightless. Zeal Howen here, To well again plan you for what’s to come, I requested a variety of the most well-informed business professionals and leaders I know to share with you their 2016 predictions in the different fields of commerce.

2016 Predictions:

Data Analytics

Arijit Sengupta, CEO, BeyondCore

According to Sengupta a full-size data and business aptitude/analytics have turn out to be the newest topics in small business companies, raising as yet an added great equalizer that can rank the playing field amidst the giants and the rising entrepreneurs. Credits to the ever-widening admission to incredibly dominant, yet simple to use, equipment, even the nominal businesses can influence advanced analytics to improve their sales and advertising with laser-like accuracy, optimize record and allocation, and develop a overall operations in traditions they never dreamed feasible.


Director for Entrepreneurship Education, Jack Bienko, Small Business Administration (SBA)

Entrepreneurs hold on to guide us towards a “smaller world” where modernization is directly related to consumer benefits and communal gains. This continues to encourage me as we address grave issues and seek to influence solutions from all other sectors.


Director for Entrepreneurship Education, Jack Bienko, Small Business Administration (SBA)

The “Mobile everything trend” keeps on growing—mobile device custom and associated tools, mobile labor force to employ and entrée new talent, mobile perks that reach patrons with dedicated services, mobile advertising to presents direct localized transactions, mobile education at hand engaging in content to an enormous market of lifelong learners—did I mention “mobile” yet?


CEO and cofounder, Jared Hecht, Fundera

According to him, 2016 is going to be concerning in small business loans transforming into a consumers market. With countless online lenders out there, and new information than always, small industry owners will have extra power to shop for improved rates and have a genuine understanding of what’s accessible to them.


Head of U.S. Communications, Hunter Hoffmann, Hiscox

An advice, Recharge and relax: Just for the reason that you’re in charge of a company doesn’t signify you can’t include work/life equilibrium, too. Hiscox establish that 20 percent of U.S. diminutive business holders presently take zero rest days. Take an instant away from the workplace to reduce stress so that you can be a constant and enhanced boss and work wiser, and not harder, when you come back.


Vice President of Worldwide SMB, David Smith, Microsoft

The Personal assistants will be more personal: As what Lili Cheng talked about in the previous predictions blog, in 2016 our discussions will increasingly be arbitrated by conversation assistants who will assist us to be more industrious. For SMBs, in this way tools like Cortana, accessible on all Windows 10-enabled plans, will carry on to become more prophetic in bringing noteworthy productivity settlement to business proprietor.


Small Business Expert, Cindy Yang, NerdWallet

For example the present growth pace of women-owned company carry on, more women will turn into small business owners, 43 percent of little businesses will be managed by women in 2016 and on 50 percent by the time it hits 2020. That’s up as of 36 percent in the year 2012. Rising industries for women entrepreneurs consist of agriculture, forestry and fishing; lodging and food delivery services; and development.


Vice President Marketing, Yaniv Masjedi, Nextiva

Undersized business proprietors will grow to be even more hooked-up in employee commitment issues in 2016. The job marketplace is very lively at this moment, which means every manager wishes to make a case for why top passers ought to decide to work at his or her company. Successful employee appointment is the key to maintenance, and I believe that we will see improved interest in this sphere next year.



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