Kodi Gets a Brand New Default Skin That You Can Try Out Now

A free and open source software media center that can be used for playing and organizing your videos, music, pictures and games such as Kodi serves as a great alternative to the widely known Netflix with its own pricing system. Apps like these can enhance your home theater experience in various ways; one of which through its interactive interface with a skin that makes viewing convenient.


Kodi’s last skin was the Confluence, which appeared from 21 November 2009 when Kodi was still known as Xbox Media Center or XBMC. The Confluence skin has helped to create a fresh and convenient Kodi viewing experience as a default, where the majority of people do not even bother to switch to Kodi’s other available skins. During its time of service from 2009 until 2016, the Confluence skins only received minor tweaks and updates here and there, where the most significant change that viewers would definitely have noticed was the change from a vertical menu to a horizontal main menu.

The year of 2016 seems to be a major milestone for Kodi’s history mentioning that two skins called Estuary and Estouchy were announced after many months of Kodi team’s hard work and effort in its creation. To learn more about these two skins, here are some explanations about the Estuary and Estouchy skins as provided by the Kodi team:

The Estuary Skin

The Estuary skin’s major eye catcher would be a whole new completely different home screen which you can use to go through all the available main sections in your library. Not only that, some powerful widgets like the recently added, in progress as well as random tabs for movies and TV shows are also incorporated into this Estuary skin. Once you enter into your library, you will immediately notice that even the viewing interface has also undergone some major change. The new library design in the Estuary skin is designed to be more functional while balancing information as well as images. The overall themes and colors in the Estuary skin also emphasize the change a bit more. Despite the fact that it is hardly a new feature, but in the latest Estuary skin once you have selected a certain theme, you will still be able to change certain highlights through changing the color option that is provided below the theme settings.

The Estouchy Skin

The Estouchy skin, just like the name suggests, is really a touch friendly skin that provides a nice appearance even in small screen touch gadgets. Even though some of the features that are available in the Estuary skin are not made available in the Estouchy skin, this skin provides a simple and convenient touching experience in a small size, hence eliminating complicated and huge sized features that would not fit in such a small given area. Different from the Estuary skin that is designed for the 10 foot media center experience, Estouchy will mainly cater people who are keen on watching movies with their touchscreen gadgets. Even though most people will still use the Estuary skin, the Estouchy skin will definitely keep a lot of people who are watching movies from their phones happy and content.



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