The Workout to Add Inches to Your Chest

One of the desires of all men who are undergoing any type of workout is the development of a good and perfect looking chest muscles. Nothing can be hotter than having a perfectly-shaped and good chest muscle. Just like the other muscles in your body, the development of your chest muscles can only be made possible if you put in the right effort and the right exercise to your training methods.


You should focus on putting more effort into doing your exercises, especially when it comes to the clavicular and sternal pectoral muscles. It only shows that routine exercises which involve incline and decline press and dumbbell press are a good way to start in order to develop your chest muscles. Your primary objective should be to get stronger and increase your chest muscles.

There are numerous exercises that will help in the development of chest muscles, but only a few may be applicable to the type of muscles you have. In doing a routine workout, it is crucial that you should know the type of muscle you have. Take a closer look at it and determine the different ways or exercises that will be applicable to your body. In this way, you are able to know the capacity or limit of your body and to avoid muscle strain, fracture or fatigue.

Tips On How To Grow Fast

There are numerous studies that would show that doing a 6-12 repetition will give your body the best result. Executing more than 12 repetitions will only ruin the good form and would lead to fatigue and strain as what was said earlier.

Another thing you should remember is to consider the style of fly’s and bench-press you are going to perform. Do not perform a lock-out because it will only work your triceps instead of your chest and it will only cause tension that can lead you to shift your focus. Also, do not perform a chest muscle exercise in several consecutive days because it will only cause the overall decline of your body’s performance and strength.

The right choice of food will also affect your workout and its results. You should choose the right amount carb combination and protein that is compatible with the type of body you have. Deficiency of overdoes of carb combination and protein intakes can be detrimental to your health. The right kind of fuel will lead to your advantage in achieving that perfect chest muscle.

That Perfect Chest Workout

In developing your chest muscles, you already know that consecutive workout will cause you negative effects. Thus, it is best to do this workout routine only twice or thrice a week. At least you won’t have to overdo yourself and you still going to have more time doing things which are more important.

You can perform a barbell bench press (8 sets of 3 repetitions), dumbbell floor press (4 sets of 8 repetitions), child’s pose breathing (10 sets of 3 repetitions), Ring pushups (4 sets of 8 repetitions), Facepulls (4 sets of 8 repetitions), bear crawls (3 sets of 30 yards), and single arm waiters walk (3 sets of 15 yards).

With this routine, you will be able to achieve that perfect chest muscle. But, it is important that you should do your work not only with the use of your heart for the determination and perseverance, it should be coupled with your brain because knowledge on the right type of workout will make things easier. Also, doing heavy sets coupled with a short rest period will boost your testosterone level as well as your growth hormone. This is according to the study made by the Journal of Applied Physiology.


STD Dating Apps – The Top 5 and Why

Do you ever wonder if there is an application that will give you the result of your STD screening? If you have experienced getting your STD screening from a certain establishment, you feel that as if the world is crumbling under your feet. It will never be easy for anyone to take in the news, whether you have an STD or not. The results are sometimes life changing, but for some, it’s just not a big of a deal.


Before, discovering that one has an incurable STD like HSV, HIV, or HPV, means that they can never love another person again. They will have this mentality that they would spend their lives all alone without anyone to love as a partner. However, being diagnosed that you possess STD should not be the end of the world. Although it may be tough to handle, you should never give up on yourself. No one should think of giving up because, nowadays, there are numerous mobile applications which are specifically designed to meet, as well as, match people with STD. It will give them every hope of not giving up their lives. Here are the top and famous 5 dating applications that every individual can use.


Hope is a dating application for people who have STDs which can act as a mini social network. You can even upload your pictures, create a good personality profile, and interact with other individuals in order to find your true match.


This specifically designed dating application for HIV positive individuals is only made available in iOS devices. It even has a social networking feature that will allow you to socialize with other individuals who have the same case as you have.


MPWH is not made available in Android devices. Only iOS device users can have the opportunity to use and possess this application. If you are one of the individuals living their lives with Herpes, then, this is the perfect application for you. MPWH is a close community specifically designed for people who have this disease. It is active as an application, as well as, a website.

When you like the essence of privacy, MPWH can offer it. Your details laid down in your account and the entire profile can programmed to be hidden from other individuals. Only people who have attained your approval can have access to your profile. The application includes forums and blogs, wherein it enables you to ask questions from other people and share your problems and experiences, as well.


This dating application is available for both iOS and android devices. PositiveSingles is probably the most popular online platform for every individual, whether he or she has a short-term STD or long-term. With this application, the sort of STD you will have no longer matters. It is also available in personal computers as a website. PositiveSingles is user-friendly and have a highly interactive feature that will entice every individual to engage with someone and find their right partner.

The application also has a live counselor which answers every STD-related question in your mind and it even provides support in cases when problems would occur. As an add-on to the features of the application, it gives the user the opportunity to have a dating advisor when the tips for dating in the real world are not working for him or her. The dating advisor can help in finding your perfect match.


Hift is available on both Android and iOS digital devices. Just like MPWH, Hift offers a high level feature when it comes to privacy. No one will be able to access your profile nor can they message you as long as you do not show mutual interest. It will protect you from creeps and other annoying individuals that will only waste your time and effort.

This dating application is only available as an application and in no way can you have interaction with the use of its website. The Hift website only serves as an area for information regarding the application. Hift is a venue for individuals with HPV and HSV and it can accommodate them in looking for their soul mates.

10 Things Only People Who Grew Up In The South Would Know

The American South is famous for a lot of things, especially for its climate. When one is asked what he thinks about Southerners, some of these words would pop into his mind: lazy, fat, dumb, religious fanatics, racists. There are numerous stereotypes regarding the life in the American South. Some of them are true, some are completely inaccurate. You need to speak to open-minded individuals who live in that area in order to make a correct opinion about what the South is really like.


In this article I am going to debunk some of the most common myths about the South. Let’s examine 10 things that only those born and raised over there could understand.

1.Not everyone is overweight

Indeed, statistics indicate that Southern states have high obesity rates, somewhere above 30%, which represents a major problem. However, a recent study conducted by the University of Alabama shows that there are more obese people in some Northern states such as Minnesota and Kansas. Therefore, it’s wrong to label the Southerners as “fat”, since the highest obesity rates in the US are registered in the North.

2.Not all the people are uneducated

People consider education in the South very poor. Indeed, there are some middle and high schools that are at the bottom at the list nationwide, but many individuals tend to overlook on the fact that top-ranking universities exist as well.

3.Religion is very popular, but not exactly as you expect

The number of Christians in the South is very high, but there are numerous atheists too. Not everyone is overly religious. The practice of going to church on Sundays is deeply rooted, but do not imagine that every single person attends the preaching. Some are entirely not interested in religion.

4.The South is not full of farms

Movies on TV implanted in us the idea that every single person is a farm owner. It can’t be farther from the truth. While agriculture is widespread and the chances of encountering farms are very high, other industries are thriving as well.

5.There are a lot of snakes

The South is abundant in swamps and lakes, making it the perfect environment for snakes. For instance, water moccasins can be encountered throughout lots of Southern states.

6.Liberal thinking does exist

Personal experience led a lot of people to the conclusion that being a liberal in the South is tough. There are plenty of conservatives, but generalization is just wrong. Tons of people with liberal views were born and live over there.

7.The rural stereotype is false

From an economic point of view, the region is very diverse. The media perpetuates the misconception that the South lacks in industries. However, finance, real estate, construction and oil industries are blooming.

8.The South is very beautiful

Foreigners and those born in Northern US alike believe that the South is just a giant cotton plantation with boring landscapes. It is untrue. The destinations are diverse and one can admire some breathtaking sights on a trip throughout the South. Figures reveal that tourism in the area is booming. If you want to make a clearer idea of what you can see over there, there are numerous travel blogging articles on the web that worth reading.

9.There is more than one accent in the South

TV shows leave the impression that all southerners speak similarly, which is false. There is a wide range of accents in that region, and some people do not have an accent at all.

10. Lighting Bugs

In the South fireflies are called lighting bugs. You can’t have lived there without having caught lighting bugs in jars when you were a kid.

8 Things That People Always Do Which Attract Office Drama

Do you know an individual who likes to work in a place full of drama and other deep grudges? None, right? Every individual, no matter how different each and everyone are, does not want to work in a place where there are constant unsettled grudges, hatred, frustration, anxiety, and battles. People will be more productive at what they are doing if they work in a place which is peaceful, fun, and worth staying. Thus, the venue or ambiance of a workplace can determine the productivity level of a company or corporation. Below are the 8 things that people do which attracts drama to their office coming from unprofessionalism and immaturity.


Right Is Might

This notion is neither true nor will it do your company or corporation any good. When you are always thinking that what you are doing or saying is never wrong or that you never make mistakes, you and you alone, is attracting drama into your office. You are inviting drama queens into your company, if not, you are creating one since you are the queen of all queens.

You should never deny the fact that you are just a simple human being who makes a mistake every time. You should never put the blame on others when it is truly your mistake. If it’s not your mistake, never dwell on the issue. Resolve it rather than making it big. Admit your errors and be careful at what you are saying because a simple word can mean a very big difference.

Grooming At Your Desk?

Your desk is your very own territory. You need to clean and tidy things up in order for you to work better. But, grooming yourself at your desk such as clipping your finger nails or toe nails, shaving your beard, or flossing your teeth are inappropriate acts which should be done in the comfort room and not at your desk. It will only irritate other individuals who can hear the sound of your clipping and flossing. Do your acts in appropriate places and make sure that you consider others before doing it.

Gossips And Trash-Talking

Engaging in trash-talking and gossips will definitely invite drama into the office. No trash-talking or gossip is every harmless. Thus, it will only create different kinds of drama. Gossips will create trouble in the office because wrong pieces of information may be established by those gossips. If you find yourself in the middle of a gossip and other side talks, think of a way to divert this issue and create a better solution so that it will not continue. You can even create escape phrases or not getting yourself attached to the issue.

Coercion Of Co-Workers

Do not try to coerce your colleagues in a topic that is not work related because personal interests will only create gossips and other issues that will invite drama into your office. Don’t try or even attempt to get your colleagues to involve them to your latest trend in life.

Personal Details

Over-sharing of your personal details is a big no-no. It is sufficient that you share some of the pieces of information on your personal details to somehow let others know of your personality. But, remember to don’t go way too deep.

Workplace Pet

Don’t try to become one of the favorites at the workplace. It will only lead others to take advantage of your capacity. Make sure to do your job as what you are told and not to exaggerate things by doing everything that is beyond your work description.

Control Your Ailment

You need to control your anxiety and other frustrations because it will not be healthy for the workplace because you will be transferring all those negative vibes to your colleagues. If you are sick, call the person in charge and stay at home.

No Digital Devices

Digital devices should not be allowed in the workplace since it can easily distract ever person in the office. It shall only be allowed during break times. The beeping and ringing of smartphones and other devices will only create distractions that can lower the productivity rate of the company.

Lean Towards Laziness? Try These 10 Easy & Effortless Health Tips

The reason why many people don’t anything for their health is that they find it difficult or inconvenient in some way. The truth is it’s not big a deal. I am going to give 10 practical tips that even the laziest person on this planet would take to stay healthy.


Bored on commercial breaks?

Watching TV comes with lots and lots of time wasted watching commercials. If have no interest in learning what they’re selling, get off the couch and move your body. You could just dance foolishly around if you don’t feel like doing push-ups and sit ups, whatever works for you.

No more excuses

How many times haven’t you told yourself that if you had proper equipment you’d go to the gym after work? Do yourself a favor and keep a workout set of clothes at the office. Next time you will have no excuses to not hit the gym.

Set an alarm to drink water

According to body weight and level of activity, you should keep well hydrated. Calculate the necessary amount of water with online calculators and then set alarms on your phone to remind you to drink some.

Once a week shopping session

Don’t waste time at the supermarket more than once a week. Buy food for the entire week. Make sure to think in advance what things you need. Be careful not to buy too much food because it will waste away.

Switch to small plates

Small plates are actually big enough for one portion. If you use a larger plate you will add more food wanting to fill it properly. On the other hand, you will avoid putting much food on a smaller plate because it seems too much. A small plate gets filled easier than a large one.

Frozen food is your best friend

It was actually proven that frozen vegetables and fruits have more nutrients than fresh ones because they don’t degrade as time passes. Besides, frozen food is easy to prepare, it’s already chopped and sometimes pre-cooked.

Get a workout friend

Life in 2 it’s more beautiful, or so they say. All kidding aside, having a workout buddy can motivate you to do your exercise routine. When you are not in the mood, your friend is responsible to get you to the gym and vice versa.

Stock up on nuts and seeds

Whenever you have a craving, eat some walnuts, almonds or different seeds. They taste great and have essential fatty acids. Next time you feel the need to eat a snack, eat nuts or seeds and you will be ok.

Watch your favorite shows on the treadmill

A magnetic treadmill is not expensive and it takes little space when folded. Allow yourself to watch TV shows only when you are running on the treadmill and you will no longer feel guilty about wasting time in front of the TV.

Check your weight every day

If you don’t check your weight, you don’t notice you got fat until it’s too late. So, hop on the scale every morning before eating or drinking. That is the most reliable number.

8 New Features Of Google Photos You Should Know

Google Photos is a widely used gallery application on Android devices, be it smartphone or tablet. It allows you to smoothly manage all of your photos: the ones you download from the internet, the ones you receive on social applications and the ones you take yourself with the camera app. Although the basics are more than enough to ensure a pleasant user experience, let’s take it further and see what new features Google Photos brings to its users.


Just a pinch

You can now change perspective view with a simple pinch. You can display the thumbnails significantly larger by pinching outward or you can shrink them by making the same move inward. The latter technique allows you to see more images on the screen at the same time.

Let it swipe

You probably already know that Google Photos has different sections. You can now navigate through them by swiping left and right. From the main photos list you can swipe to Photos’ Assistant. Here you will be given several directions on how to improve your experience. Swipe right and you will reach Collections, a place where you organize your images in different albums.

Sort your pictures by month

The new Google Photos update allows you to organize all your images by the month when you took them. You will no longer bump into photos that you took last Christmas when you are looking for yesterday’s pics.

Create GIFs

This is a really cool thing you can do with Photos. Take some pictures in succession and the app will organize them into an animated GIF. The fun opportunities are limitless!

Never lose your photos

Thanks to the auto backup feature of the application, you can upload the photos to the cloud and access them from any deice connected to the internet. Having all your images in the same place makes your life a lot easier. Besides, what if your phone breaks and you have no other way to recover your pictures? Google Photos has brought you a solution.

Upload as many photos as you want

In the past, Photos had storage restrictions regarding to how much data you can upload but now, it’s limitless. Compress your images and upload as much content as you like. You can also save uncompressed originals and RAW files if you select the right key, namely “High resolution”.

Face recognition gone crazy

Google Photos is now able to distinguish between different faces. Are you looking for all the photos of your ex-girlfriend? Well, you just have to find one and the app will find the others for you. It has never been easier to delete all the pictures of your ex from your phone.

A better image editor

Although the old image editing feature was nice, this one is significantly simpler and allows you to edit photos in a smarter way. Moreover, you would actually switch to Snapseed if you want advanced photo editing features because there is a quick link within the Google Photos application. You will find it in the upper right corner while you are viewing a picture.

7 Things That Will Happen When You Start Doing Planks Every Day

Planks are one of the commonly performed bodyweight exercises. It is one of the exercises that probably won’t go out of fashion because of its simplicity and practicality. Doing plank exercises will definitely help you strengthen your core and support your spine because of the enhanced abdominal muscles developed through this exercise. Below are the 7 things that will happen if you do planking every day.


Core Improvement

The most famous and widely-known effect of doing plank is that it will strengthen your core or other abdominal muscles such as the glutes, transverse abdominus, external oblique muscle, and rectus abdominus. Strengthening these abdominal muscles will help increase your ability to lift heavy weights, improve your capacity to do waist-twisting and other sports performance, and it will help give your booty a strong and better shape.

Risk Of Spinal Injury Decreased

As what was said earlier, performing planks will help support your spine. Aside from supporting your entire back, it will also help reduce the back pain you are usually experiencing. Explore on the different ways on how to do planks in different surfaces so that you will be able to strengthen your core effectively.


The key to effectively perform planks is to be flexible so that it will help in the expansion of your posterior muscle groups such as the collarbone, shoulders, and shoulder blades. It will also help your hamstrings, toes, and arches of your feet stretch.

Mental Benefits

Since you are performing an exercise every day, your mental faculties will be stimulated and more active. It will also help with the overall mood and avoid any mood swings that will affect your work. Aside from helping your brain to be calm, doing planks will also help in decreasing the symptoms of depression and can might as well treat your anxiety issues.

Boost In Metabolism

Your daily plank routine will help you boost metabolic rate. You can boost your metabolism without spending so much for a membership fee. Whether you are a beginner or you have been performing exercises for a very long time, doing planks will make it easier for you, and can surely help in the improvement of your metabolism and body structure. It requires no level of expertise in order to perform this bodyweight exercise.

Posture Improved

Apart from having a strong and better booty, doing planks will help you improve your body posture. It will help in the straightening and stabilization of your posture. This is made possible because of the fact that improvements in your abdominal muscles affect the condition of your chest, shoulders, and neck.

Overall Balance, Improved

Your balance will most likely be improved because in performing planks, balance is needed to make it effective. Planks with extensions and side planks will you balance your body and boost your performance in any kind of sporting activities.

Another advantage of planks from other types of exercises is that you can do this whether you are travelling or not. It requires no equipment for all you need to have is a flat surface and knowledge of the right way of execution.